Monday 10th - Thursday 13th July 2023

Affiliate Information Page

On this page, you’ll find all kinds of resources meant to make your life as an affiliate as easy as possible and answer any questions you might have. If you run into a question I didn’t answer, email me at, or leave a message in my chat box.

The Elevator Pitch

Last month I made a prediction in my client/student-only group:

From mini-memberships, to the explosion in digital product shops, to templates galore, to $9 offers, to KDP and etsy and and more - low ticket is hot right now.

Some people's whole business model is low ticket, whilst others are effortlessly weaving it into a bigger ecosystem of offers at higher price points.

I'm running a virtual event (summit-style) to bring together the top, innovative brains from the online business world who are forging new ground and seeing wild success with creative high-value, low ticket offers. 

And before you ask, for the purposes of this event, low ticket is <$100 USD*. 😉

*or $ CAD, or £ GBP, or $ AUD, or € EUR. It's just a rough boundary.

How it works

It's going to be a fairly regular virtual summit.

Each day of the event will consist of 7 pre-recorded presentations. Each presentation will be 15-20 minutes long, followed by a brief pitch/mention of a freebie from the speaker.  

Whilst the event itself will be free, there will be an option for attendees to purchase a 'Regular Play Pass' or an 'Ultimate Play Pass'. Buyers of both will be invited to join my private client/student-only Facebook group, Team EBG's Party Pad. This will be the place for attendees to hang out, and ask any additional questions. All speakers will be invited to join to further connect with attendees.

Meet your host

Hi! If we've not met before, I'm Lizzy. 👋 

I’m a multi-offer online business strategist who loves to experiment, have fun, & teach the unique strategies that I’ve tried in my business (that worked - obvs! 😅)

And recently I've been having a ton of fun with low ticket offers, particularly $9 offers which you might have seen popping up on your Facebook newsfeed from my students.

But I know that we're just scratching the surface of this low ticket revolution and I can't wait to learn alongside you!

My past events

4 Day Summit

September 2021

~4,000 registrants

500+ Play Passes

~$39,000 revenue

Free/Paid Bundle Hybrid

3rd annual in December 2022

~20,000 'attendees' for free bundle

~1,150 sales of paid bundle

~$128,000 revenue

Affiliate Details

As an affiliate promoting Low Ticket Live, you will receive 25% affiliate commissions for any purchases you refer - primarily the Regular/Ultimate Play Pass. Affiliate payouts are made at the beginning of each month, following a 30 day pending period.

Regular Play Pass
- 30 mins after initial registration: $37
- Prior to Low Ticket Live: $67
- During/after Low Ticket Live: $97

Ultimate Play Pass
- 30 mins after initial registration: $97
- Prior to Low Ticket Live: $147
- During/after Low Ticket Live: $197

It's your responsibility to ensure you promote with your correct affiliate link, which you will be able to find here.


Deadline for these sales is midnight Pacific on Sunday, 9th July - aka when the Play Pass prices go up!

🎁 Anyone who makes at least 1 Play Pass affiliate sale will be entered to win 12 months in Silver Moon Sales® (or Lizzy Credit equivalent if you just joined in the founding member launch)

🎁 Anyone who makes at least 5 Play Pass affiliate sales will get a free Ultimate Play Pass (or Lizzy Credit equivalent to the amount you paid).

🎁 Anyone who makes at least 10 Play Pass affiliate sales will get a $50 Etsy voucher.

🎁 Anyone who makes at least 20 Play Pass affiliate sales will get $250 Lizzy Credit.

🎁 Anyone who makes at least 30 Play Pass affiliate sales will get a 3 month subscription box of their choice (up to $300).

⭐ Whoever makes the most Play Pass affiliate sales will get a dedicated promo email to my full list.


🕑 Promotion begins at 2pm UK / 9am Eastern on Monday, 26th June. Any promotion before this time will not receive affiliate commission for the Play Passes.

Please ensure that all promotion includes disclosure that it's an affiliate link.

Promo Pack

Action Steps

Phew, that was a lot to cover! You’re awesome for making it this far!

For the sake of clarity, here are your current action steps:

1. Sign up as an affiliate

2. Join Elizabeth Goddard's Street Team (aka Affiliates)

3. Grab your affiliate link.

4. Take a look at the resources in the Promo Pack and schedule up your emails and social media posts.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Key dates

Monday, 5th June: Swipe/graphics provided to speakers & affiliates

Monday, 26th June: Speaker/affiliate promotion begins

Monday 10th - Thursday 13th July: Low Ticket Live

Monday, 4th September: Initial affiliate payout

Something I missed? Email me at, or leave a message in my chat box over there 👉